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[software]The First Xlent Word Processor - David Castell
XLENT have been providing 8-bit users with interesting print related software for a while now, but this marks their first attempt at a comprehensive word processing package. My initial impressions are that it's a thoroughly practical piece of software with some unique features, and is good enough to give the established favourites like Atariwriter and Paperclip a real run for their money. The program comes in the slim A5 size plastic wallet popular with many companies, and this contains an unpro...
Keywords: Word Processor; Atari
Downloads: 1
[software]Write Away - Midwest Software Associates
From a small, relatively unknown company comes a word processor that is extremely powerful and easy to learn. Write Away is a good choice for a word processor to grow into. What can it do? Quite a lot! Five tutorials ease you into the difficult aspects of word processing. You can manage a mailing list, read and use DIF files, use macros (or "glossary' terms) by defining a key sequence to represent a word or phrase, and much more...
Keywords: Apple; Word Processor
Downloads: 3
[texts]Fenix Word Processing Software Sales Flyer - DustySilicon
Fenix Word Processing Software sales flyer for: Altos 286 AT&T 3B1 / 7300 AT&T 3B2 Interactive 386/ix MS-DOS Microport 286 NCR Tower SCO Xenix 286 SCO Xenix 386
Keywords: Xenix; Fenix; Word Processor
Downloads: 49
[texts]Atlantis Word Processor
Screenshot 1 of Portable Atlantis Word Processor The image below has been reduced in size. Click on it to see the full version. A collection of videos that will help you to unlock the potential of your Atlantis Word Processor. Atlantis is a customizable and fully portable word processor for MS-Windows. Version 1.6.5 supports ODF import only. Word Processing Downloads at Download That. Atlantis is an innovative word processor carefully designed with the end-user in mind...
Keywords: Atlantis Word Processor
Downloads: 13
[software]The Atari Word Processor Version 1.0 - Atari, Inc.
AtariWriter was Atari's second attempt at a word processor for it's 8-bit computer line. Their first attempt was the little seen disk based Atari Word Processor, a slow, clunky word processor that was designed specifically to work with the Atari 800 (it will not work with any other Atari systems). However since many people could not afford to purchase the expensive Atari 800 and disk drive, Atari decided that a cheaper cartridge based word processor was needed...
Keywords: Word Processor; Atari
Downloads: 72
[software]Lotus Smartsuite 97 - Various Lang - Windows - IBM
Lotus SmartSuite 97English, French, German, Italian, SpanishFor WindowsISO Image
Keywords: Lotus; SmartSuite; Office Suite; Spreadsheet; Word Processor
Downloads: 498
[software]SQLPortal Professional - http://www.sqlportal.nl/homemf.asp?Tekst=producten%20sqlportal
This allows you to incorporate information from Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MS Access databases into your Microsoft Word documents. End users can create their own letters, contracts, reports and mailings containing data from the database. Simply add database fields and database queries to Word documents.
Downloads: 80
A short demo of the four main programs in the LibreOffice suite; Writer, Draw, Impress and Calc showing their use in writing documents, creating signs and posters, creating slide-shows and making spreadsheets.    The programs are being run on Ubuntu 13.04 64bit, using an 'AMD Athlon(tm) II X3 440 Processor × 3'    These are source files recorded for use in a short documentary explaining open source, more details and early alpha versions here - https://vimeo.com/70138172all trademarks, lo...
Keywords: LibreOffice; Word Processor; Spreadsheet; Office Software; Open Source Software; FLOSS; Ubuntu
Downloads: 53
[texts]Pegasus Mini Word Processor (1981)(Technosys Research Labs)(NZ)
Pegasus Mini Word Processor (1981)(Technosys Research Labs)(NZ)
Keywords: cursor; control; text; word; display; typing; processor; insert; screen; pegasus; word processor; control codes
Downloads: 21
[texts]Pegasus Newsletter - No 2 (1981-09)(Computer Machinery Ltd)(NZ)
Pegasus Newsletter - No 2 (1981-09)(Computer Machinery Ltd)(NZ)
Keywords: pegasus; processor; monitor; graphics; ram; basic; kitset; expander; version; routines; word processor
Downloads: 18
[texts]Cryptolog Volume XI Numbers 6-7 - National Security Agency
Features: Traffic Analysis: A Current Perspective (U) Espionage As A Tool Of Technology Transfer (U) Intelligence Analysis In The Computer Age (U) by Jack Gurin Naming Soviet Cities (U) The Bookbreaker (U) by Stuart Buck Word Processing Plain And Simple (U) Unless Texts Hang Together, Linguists Will All Hang Separately (U) NSA-Crostic No. 56 (U)
Keywords: NSA; Cryptolog; declassified; redacted; data; user; jun; text; data base; word processor; word processors; collection support
Downloads: 5
[texts]Zotero : Reference Manager and OpenOffice.org Writer - Boonlert Aroonpiboon
การใช้งานเครื่องมือบริหารจัดการบรรณานุกรมแบบโอเพนซอร์ส Zotero กับ OpenOffice.org Writer (Thai Version)
Keywords: Zotero; Open Source Software; OpenOffice.org; OpenOffice.org Writer; Word Processor; Reference Manager; Reference; Citation; Bibliography
Downloads: 66
[movies]Secret Life Of Machines 303: The Word Processor - Channel 4

Keywords: Secret Life Of Machines Season 3; Secret Life Of Machines; The Word Processor
Downloads: 280
[software]Jarte - http://www.jarte.com/
This word processor and Wordpad replacement includes RTF and DOC support, OLE support, tabbed document access, spell checker, page breaks, print preview, visual header and footer designer, clipboard history viewer, online reference bar, multi-level undo and redo, customizable background and bookmarking.
Keywords: Jarte; Business; Office; Word processors; word processor; wordpad; word; notepad; editor; text editor; rtf; doc; rich text format; free
Downloads: 73
[texts]Stack, The - Volume 6 Number 11 (1982-11)(Long Island Computer Association)(US)
Stack, The - Volume 6 Number 11 (1982-11)(Long Island Computer Association)(US)
Keywords: computer; wordstar; lica; program; printer; vedit; text; processor; levy; word processor; microsoft basic; double sided; long island
Downloads: 36
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: Connection-80 BBS (1981)(BT Enterprises)
TRS-80 Manual: Connection-80 BBS (1981)(BT Enterprises)
Keywords: system; file; bbs; files; signon; password; disk; user; instructions; program; operating system; model iii; file creation; powerful feature; word processor
Downloads: 22
[texts]Texas Instrument Book: academic-ti
Texas Instrument Book: academic-ti
Keywords: computer; print; software; programming; word; call; goto; typing; word processing; call clear; word processor; writing software; press enter; young people; disk drive; public domain; commercial software; random numbers
Downloads: 6
[texts]convergent :: manuals :: A-09-00916-01-A 1.0 American English Correcting Dictionary Release Note ST-800 Oct84
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.convergent :: manuals :: A-09-00916-01-A 1.0 American English Correcting Dictionary Release Note ST-800 Oct84
Keywords: dictionary; files; disk; diskette; installation; processor; file; correcting; american; filename; ngen hard; master hard; hard disk; personal dictionary; correcting dictionary; distribution diskette; word processor; american english
Downloads: 13
[texts]CoNect Direct Catalog - Volume 02 Issue 02 - CoCoPro
CoNect Direct Catalog - Volume 02 Issue 02 from CoCoPro.
Keywords: coco; color; conect; maze; connect; tandy; rgb; disk; mpi; buss; disk based; circle labeled; color computer; tape based; maze game; ribbon cable; vertical maze; word processor
Downloads: 15
[texts]Open Apple-Vol 4 No 05-JUN 1988
Open Apple-Vol 4 No 05-JUN 1988
Keywords: apple; appleworks; software; virus; prodos; program; frodos; printer; viruses; poke; software virus; software viruses; parallel processing; word processor; program called; image processing; high school; boot prodos; appleworks database
Downloads: 19
[texts]Williamette Apple Connection Journal Volume 1 Number 10
Williamette Apple Connection Journal Volume 1 Number 10 (December 1987)
Keywords: apple; ilgs; midi; software; music; program; computer; finder; system; apple ilgs; system disk; wac journal; word processor; willamette apple; system utilities; play music; full advantage; electronic arts
Downloads: 12
[texts]Commodore Computer Catalog: C16 Plus4 Christmas Mail Order Catalogue (1987)(Anco)(GB)
Commodore Computer Catalog: C16 Plus4 Christmas Mail Order Catalogue (1987)(Anco)(GB)
Keywords: disc; anco; bridgehead; adventures; ram; adaptor; jet; computer; facilities; master; triple decker; power pack; machine code; competition pro; speed king; word processor
Downloads: 40
[texts]Atari Computer Enthusiasts/Fuji Facts Newsletter (December 1985)

Keywords: command; bbs; program; commands; atari; bulletin; contents; modem; disk; ohio; bulletin board; word processor; int ing; conference systems; step command; machine language; copy buffer; bbs list
Downloads: 9
[texts]Ahoy! - Issue 14 (1985-02)(Ion International)(US)
Ahoy! - Issue 14 (1985-02)(Ion International)(US)
Keywords: commodore; program; disk; printer; software; sprite; computer; data; programs; machine language; disk drive; word processor; money order; bug repellent; commodore graphics; bulletin board; commodore business; screen dump
Downloads: 324
[texts]Open Apple-Vol 5 No 12-JAN 1990
Open Apple-Vol 5 No 12-JAN 1990
Keywords: apple; appleworks; llgs; file; software; slot; data; program; mac; disk; word processor; data base; text file; scsi card; error trap; hard disk
Downloads: 17
[texts]Williamette Apple Connection Journal Volume 5 Number 6
Williamette Apple Connection Journal Volume 5 Number 6
Keywords: apple; inwords; quickie; programs; scanner; frans; bbs; wac; geerlings; willamette; willamette apple; scanner head; frans geerlings; word processor; wac journal; quickie scanner; larry tucker
Downloads: 14
[texts]Open Apple-Vol 4 No 09-OCT 1988
Open Apple-Vol 4 No 09-OCT 1988
Keywords: appleworks; apple; frodos; program; llgs; file; applesoft; version; disk; slot; left margin; word processor; printer switch; power supplies; hard drive; dummy file; disk drive
Downloads: 20
[software]EasyOffice with PDF Filter - http://www.e-press.com
This office suite is compatible with PDF, MS-Word and Excel files. The word processor supports RTF, DOC, HTML and PDF files. EasySpreadsheet reads and writes Excel XLS files. EasyPresentation has special effects, animation, clipart and sound effects. EasyContactManager integrates automatically with EasyWord and EasyCalendar. EasyZip allows file compression and decompression in both easy and advanced modes...
Keywords: EasyOffice with PDF Filter; Business; Office; Office suites; barcode; word processor; spread sheet; presentation; contact manager; bookkeeper; text-to-speach; web design
Downloads: 679
[texts]Commander - Volume 2 Issue 06 (1984-06)(Microsystems Specialties)(US)
Commander - Volume 2 Issue 06 (1984-06)(Microsystems Specialties)(US)
Keywords: program; commodore; software; disk; computer; programs; print; data; machine language; disk drive; function key; screen dump; dealer inquiries; word processor; residents add; users group; money order; commodore business
Downloads: 192
[texts]Ahoy!'s AmigaUser - Issue 1 (1988-05)(Ion International)(US)[Ahoy! Issue 53]
Ahoy!'s AmigaUser - Issue 1 (1988-05)(Ion International)(US)[Ahoy! Issue 53]
Keywords: amiga; program; disk; software; commodore; sound; menu; amigauser; color; disk drive; super graphix; studio magic; amiga basic; future sound; graphix gold; perfect sound; hard drive; word processor
Downloads: 190
[texts]Antic Magazine Volume 5 Number 07 (Personal Finance)
Antic Magazine Vol. 5 No. 7 - November 1986 - Personal Finance * Autotypo Fail-Safe Keyboarding For Typo II by Brian Sandford, Patrick Bass * Communications BBS Express! Puts The Fun Back Into Being A Sysop by Chris King * Budget Database Complete Personal Finance and Checkbook Program by Roger Kearny * Calculate Your Car Loan Payments You Can Live With by Elaine Patterson * Game of the Month Cliffhanger Catch Flying Boulders On Mars by Heath Lawrence * Graphic Artist IBM-Style Autocad Plus Desk...
Keywords: atari; disk; program; antic; color; call; data; software; disk drive; graphics; money order; atari resource; print shop; word processor; batteries included; graphic artist; residents add
Downloads: 141
[texts]Computer Monthly (March 1992)

Keywords: cyc; computer; iug; program; loan; word; column; sanyo; classic; song; classic computer; batch file; word processing; image computer; sanyo basic; computer column; wall street; word processor
Downloads: 100
[texts]Atari ST User - Vol. 1 No. 2 (1986-04)(Europress)(GB)
Atari ST User - Vol. 1 No. 2 (1986-04)(Europress)(GB)
Keywords: atari; tho; gem; program; software; screen; thai; compiler; tdi; music system; word processor; operating system; user friendly; tho system; high level; baud rates
Downloads: 63
[texts]Dynamic Memories (1987-02)(South Bay Users Group)(US)
Dynamic Memories (1987-02)(South Bay Users Group)(US)
Keywords: dynamic; disk; sbug; model; february; tandy; memories; bbs; hard; apple; hard disk; dynamic memories; february dynamic; word processor; henry schulze; gerry mckee
Downloads: 24
[texts]Ahoy! - Issue 04 (1984-04)(Ion International)(US)
Ahoy! - Issue 04 (1984-04)(Ion International)(US)
Keywords: data; commodore; program; print; printer; screen; text; graphics; disk; computer; data data; word processor; lower case; easy script; lin lin; basic source; easy spell; disk drive; dot matrix
Downloads: 103
[texts]Ahoy! Magazine Issue 13

Keywords: program; data; sprite; poke; commodore; disk; print; screen; color; disk drive; sprite data; word processor; paper clip; operating system; machine language; bug repellent; money order; character set
Downloads: 293
[texts]Commander Magazine Issue 10
Keywords: commodore; program; disk; software; computer; programs; print; data; commander september; machine language; disk drive; general ledger; commodore business; word processor; note pro; money order; mailing list; quick brown
Downloads: 299
[texts]Popular Computing Weekly (1983-08-04)

Keywords: software; program; spectrum; print; tor; printer; dragon; oric; machine code; popular computing; good computer; bbc basic; computing weekly; word processing; open forum; oric mcp; word processor; special offer
Downloads: 78
[texts]80 Microcomputing Magazine February 1985

Keywords: model; disk; program; defb; iii; data; software; programs; tandy; basic; model iii; defb defb; radio shack; disk drives; disk drive; toll free; data base; word processor; color computer
Downloads: 976
[texts]Family Computing Magazine Issue 38

Keywords: data; software; ibm; program; apple; disk; print; computer; atari; color; word processing; money order; family computing; amazing things; word processor; educational software; fire safety; disk drive
Downloads: 384
[texts]IIgs Buyer's Guide 1988 Winter
IIgs Buyer's Guide 1988 Winter
Keywords: apple; iigs; program; retail; software; disk; programs; mouse; downloaded; graphics; apple iigs; word processing; turbo mouse; hard disk; word processor; vip professional; tml pascal; program apple
Downloads: 57
[texts]Ahoy! - Issue 12 (1984-12)(Ion International)(US)
Ahoy! - Issue 12 (1984-12)(Ion International)(US)
Keywords: program; data; commodore; printer; print; character; poke; disk; screen; dot matrix; kmmm pascal; character set; bug repellent; letter quality; disk drive; money order; word processor; program listings
Downloads: 148
Keywords: apple; iigs; retail; prodos; program; disk; software; users; appleworks; graphics; apple iigs; hard disk; word processor; disk drive; copy protected; word processing; allows users
Downloads: 101
[texts]Crashed Newsletter Issue 10

Keywords: software; tor; game; sam; thai; crashed; amalthea; lor; word processor; address; techy time; football manager; sound effects; power crystals; reasonable price
Downloads: 78
[texts]K-Power Magazine Issue 5
Issue #5 of K-Power magazine from June 1984. Editor's Note (Summer Sneak Preview!), Letters, Compuzine (Hacking Hits Broadway, Game-Design Contest, Silicon Alley, Scrolling in Dough (Seth Lippman)), Doctor Kursor's Klinic (speech synthesis and recognition, how mice work), K-Net, A Day in the Life of Bill Budge, Book Your Books, Kay Power and Her Robot Cap-Io (comic), Mondo Condo: Computer Generated Art by Ned Greene, Apple IIc: A Souped-Up Portable IIe, Adventures with Scott Adams, Hacker Heaven...
Keywords: computer; commodore; poke; print; program; software; game; graphics; games; gosub; family computing; chalk board; disk drive; word processor; video game; special software; computer games; software coupon; scott adams
Downloads: 165
[texts]Run Magazine Issue 31

Keywords: commodore; disk; program; print; software; programs; color; data; disk drive; screen; print shop; fleet system; data data; ram expansion; machine language; quick brown; word processor; perfect typist
Downloads: 254
[texts]Run Magazine Issue 30

Keywords: commodore; program; disk; computer; print; programs; data; software; color; crsr; toll free; dynamic keyboard; disk drive; money order; perfect typist; machine language; word processor; quick merge
Downloads: 587
[texts]Run Magazine Issue 45

Keywords: commodore; data; disk; software; modem; graphics; online; program; programs; computer; residents add; pin male; disk drive; perfect typist; word processor; fleet system; public domain; terminal program; hot shot
Downloads: 568
[texts]Compute! Magazine Issue 116
Compute! Issue 116 - January 1990. Editorial License We live in a time of growing pains and a time for dreams - Impact Think of what you can do with online services - Gameplay Computer adaptions should improve old favorites - Discoveries Educational software speaks for itself - Conversations It's all software to Les Crane of Software Toolworks - Off Line Get what you want - Productivity Compute Choice Brag about animation on your PC with Autodesk Animator - Productivity Disk Anatomy Everything y...
Keywords: ibm; disk; software; program; computer; graphics; game; cga; color; hard drive; word processor; disk drive; electronic arts; hard disk; money order; floppy disk
Downloads: 707
[texts]80 Micro (1985-08)(CW Communications)(US)
80 Micro (1985-08)(CW Communications)(US)
Keywords: model; disk; program; tandy; software; iii; trsdos; programs; patch; model iii; radio shack; disk drive; program listing; data base; hard disk; hard drive; word processor
Downloads: 219
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